4 Creative Ideas for Your Concrete Driveways and Walkways

4 Creative Ideas for Your Concrete Driveways and Walkways

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Sprucing up your concrete driveway or walkways is a fantastic way to complement other standout design features on your property.

By choosing a creative design for your walkways or opting for a layout that deviates from the humdrum of your average straight and narrow path, you can be creative with your concrete in ways you may have never even considered.

There are a few creative options you can explore in order to add decorative flair your property’s walkways or driveway as suited to your own design preferences. Contact your favourite concrete Perth professionals to get started!

Combining Different Coloured Sections

One of the first ideas that comes to mind for most property owners as they contemplate home design and resurfacing is exploring different colour combinations. What many residents do not realise is that coordinating sections of differently-coloured concrete is a cost-effective option available to them as well.

This design can be coordinated and serviced by concrete professionals. First choosing a pave pattern as well as the desired colour combination. By indulging in colour and design options for your concrete – as far as how you decide to section the different colours – you can experience for yourself how it can add dimension to a pathway and draw one’s eye most favourably.

Concrete Stencilling

Stencilling is another cost-effective way to make your driveways or walkways appear more decorative. Choosing a stencil for your concrete breaks up what is known as “blanket spray” – or, a completely blank surface free of borders or stencilling.

As a cost-effective solution, it is a popular method for adding character to an otherwise boring walkway.

Some of the most popular stencil patterns include:

    • Ashlar slate – a design that appears as randomly sized squares and rectangles
    • Bedrock – replicates the appearance of natural stone
    • Basketweave – a structured combination of rectangles featured vertically and horizontally
    • Cobblefan – as a one-up to the standard cobblestone design, cobblefan stencils offer a jazzier European style with the design arranged in a series of arches


Tiled Borders to Add Contrast

Tile borders are particularly popular as a means of providing contrast to exposed aggregate. It also can serve as an attractive frame to highlight the edges of the path. Tiled borders may also be available in different tones to match your personal design preferences.

Stained Overlay

Adding a stained overlay to the blank canvas of your concrete allows you to add texture and character to its appearance. Stains are a popular way to disguise or otherwise restore concrete that is badly worn by turning material that is tired into something exquisite.

Water-stains tend to be recommended, particularly as they allow for more vibrant colours, and there are several combinations customers can choose from to achieve both eccentric and subtler effects. In addition to water stains, acid stains may be used to create a subdued affect with earth tones.

Find Creative Solutions for Your Concrete

Contact us today to have our professionals help you achieve a decorative look for the concrete driveways or walkways on your property.

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