D.I.Y Concrete Ideas for Your Home

D.I.Y Concrete Ideas for Your Home

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We all know that concrete is a material that is primarily used for driveways and garden patio areas, and this is unlikely to ever change. However, the truth of the matter is that it’s a versatile product that can actually be used for a whole host of additional creations around the modern home.

Better still, the inexpensive nature allows you to complete those DIY tasks without breaking the bank too. Sound like a good plan of action? Then keep reading for some truly inspirational ideas.

Before Starting

Prior to starting any home project that uses concrete, it’s vital that you complete this three-point preparation:

1- Always invest in the right materials. (Psst… Perth Concrete Supplies boasts many different options) and cement mixer.

2 – Get safety under control. Cement dust is toxic so, while small amount are unlikely to cause too much harm, goggles and a nose mask are crucial.

3 – Know what you’re doing. If you rush straight into action without planning things out in a strategic fashion, there will be a lot of mess and disappointment.

Of course, it’s equally vital to create a useful workspace for your upcoming projects too.


Cement Project Inspiration


Being ready to complete those projects is one thing, but knowing what you’re going to create is another challenge altogether. Here are five simple projects that are fun, accessible, and capable of improving your daily life around the home.

1- Coasters. This is the easiest task of all as you’re simply making flat shapes of concrete. Squares, triangles, and rectangles are all particularly easy while you can start to become more creative with the decorations over time. Whether used on tables or to decorate walls is up to you.

2- Plant pots. Cement plant pots are far more aesthetically pleasing than plastic alternatives, not least when you add your personal quirks. When added to the fact that they are a lot more durable than the plastic ones too, you’ll have even more reason to smile.

3- Doorstops. A simple doorstop could take any shape you please. Simple geometric shapes work well, although you may wish to use a mould to create something a little more eye-catching. Either way, they can be used for internal rooms and are equally useful for the shed.

4- Bookends. Use moulds to create shapes and designs that work well for your living spaces, and you could have the perfect bookends in no time. Aside from being functional, the dense weight of concrete makes them a more practical option than flimsy plastics.

5- Stools. The prospect of creating a stool may seem a little daunting, but it couldn’t be simpler. Position the wooden legs into a bucket of cement. Once set and removed, simply smooth over the outside of the rounded cement seat and voila.

There are literally dozens of alternative projects out there. The only limit is your imagination. So, if you have extra material lying around after fixing the driveway or merely want to take on a smaller DIY project, cement is your friend.

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