Design Ideas for your concrete driveway

Design Ideas for your concrete driveway

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A concrete driveway is undoubtedly one of the best ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior while it may also help protect your car’s tyres and prevent trips and falls. So, if you’re seeking the next home improvement project, this is the perfect answer.

This is a surprisingly quick and easy upgrade to complete. Perth Concrete Supplies can provide you with all the materials needed to make it happen. Before rushing in, however, you must first gain the right inspiration. Here are five ideas that should get your creative juices flowing.

Concrete Painting

Perhaps the quickest, easiest, and cheapest solution is to paint over your existing concrete to bring a whole new energy to the driveway. Whether opting for natural or vibrant colours, a DIY coating or professional techniques, the results can be stunning.

It’s best to do this job when the weather is dry while using the right painting materials is essential. Meanwhile, you must ensure that the driveway is in good condition first, checking for broken tiles and other damage. Still, when done right, this job can work wonders.

Concrete Pebbling

Otherwise known as exposed aggregate or pebblecrete, the pebbling technique is one that can transform the look of your driveway thanks to the unique aesthetic properties. Whether using one colour or combining it with other design features, concrete pebbling is built with longevity in mind.

The job will take a little more time than painting, but most DIY enthusiasts are still capable of completing the work. Alternatively, professionals can use techniques that have been perfected over time. Some homeowners like to use similar techniques to decorate external walls.

Concrete Stencilling

Stencilling is a tried and tested design technique that has been used to bring unique appearances to a host of items for centuries. Concrete driveways are among the most suitable materials to benefit from this technique, which is suitable for brand new installations as well as existing items.

Stencils can transform the look of concrete completely,  giving it the appearance of pavers or stone. Whether opting for a single block in the middle of the concrete or opting for a tiled pattern is entirely a matter of personal preference. Either way, your driveway will look grand.

Concrete Stamping

Stamping is a technique that ultimately gives concrete the 3D pattern effect of natural stone pavers. It does so by creating the layered textures and by adding depth to the concrete surface. Unless you get right up close to the driveway, you’ll never be able to tell the difference.

This makes it a far quicker and less extensive job than replacing concrete and can certainly bring a classy look to the home’s overall kerb appeal. However, it’s a job that’s still probably best left to the pros – although you can certainly source the materials.

Concrete Staining

Concrete staining involves using an acidic solution to dye the concrete, resulting in a noticeable change from a traditional concrete look to one of natural stone resembling the look of marble, granite, and similar materials. This will instantly make the driveway look classy and more expensive.

The deep, lasting textures and colours, combined with swirling patterns that naturally form, can work wonders for any driveway. As long as you use the right solution in the correct fashion, the outcomes will blow your mind.


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