Important Considerations When Choosing a Concrete Sealer

Important Considerations When Choosing a Concrete Sealer

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While many people want projects done quickly, it is more important that they are done correctly the first time. Taking a little extra time to consider your options and the little details can save you more time and money in the long run than if you had rushed to get something finished fast. When it comes to concrete projects, something many people do not consider is a concrete sealer – but it is an important component that could save you extra effort down the line.

There are lots of pieces to consider when making any decision, and concrete sealers are no different. You must choose the one that is right for your needs and one that will best complete your concrete project.

When looking for a concrete sealer in Perth, these are just a few aspects you should consider.

Moisture Conditions

When it comes to sealers, there are two basic categories: breathable and non-breathable. These categories designate whether the sealer can allow air – and more importantly water vapour – to pass through it. This sort of characteristic is crucial to concrete that will be in wetter outdoor environments, or spaces built on particularly moisture-rich soil.

The more moisture you believe your concrete will encounter, the more important it becomes to choose a breathable sealer. If you choose something non-breathable, moisture and air will become trapped in the cement, which can prove disastrous in the future. It will put strain on it, making it far more susceptible to damage. Breathable sealer will release water vapour and air, making the concrete stronger.

Compatible with Treatments

This is particularly important for those who place special emphasis on aesthetics, such as if you have or are planning to treat your concrete with colouring agents or design overlays.

If you do not carefully consider which kind of sealer you need, you may encounter all sorts of problems down the line with your treated concrete. Colour bleeding, discolouration, and bubbles or smudges are just a few things that can happen if your sealer and treatment do not mix.

The best thing to do is do some research on the manufacturer to find out if their sealer is compatible. Some manufacturers might even make specific sealers for certain treatments. Find the perfect one that will not mess up your aesthetic.

Life Expectancy

As with any product, sealers have a life expectancy. There are lots of factors that will contribute to how well a sealer will hold up. Exposure conditions, like foot traffic and environmental factors, are the biggest components of how long a sealer will last. Water-tight sealers are typically the best options, as they tend to withstand the most pressure.


Choosing the right sealer can make or break your concrete project. You need to keep certain factors in mind, like the ones listed above. You want to make sure you keep every aspect in mind to make sure you get exactly what you need. For some help finding the perfect concrete sealer in Perth, contact us today!

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