Perth Concrete Resurfacing Supplies
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Wide range of decorative concreting accessories

We keep in stock comprehensive range of great quality tools for concreting and other decorative concreting accessories from industry leading companies.

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Concrete colour oxide

Looking to pour new new concrete and want to have appealing colour straight away, or looking to make some new bricks to replace some old one and want to match the colour then coloured iron oxide will help you do that. We keep in stock the Synergy Building supplies range of iron oxide for concrete [...]PRODUCT INFORMATION


Synergy Glow in the Dark Aggregate Synergy GlowAgg comes in 1kg tubs in 3 different colours; Blue, Green and Aqua. Applied by seeding over the top of wet laid concrete and then either exposing or honing to reveal the Glow-in-the-dark aggregate. GlowAgg charges by day light or any artificial light source. Perfect for any decretive [...]PRODUCT INFORMATION


Filament Tape Range of widths available. 6mm filament 9mm filament 12mm filament Masking Tape Masking Blue covering tape Premium Auto Masking Tape – High Temp 24mm G80 48mm G80


Paint Brushes

2″ Brushes Standard (50mm filament, 16mm handle) 2″ Brushes Angled (50mm filament, 16mm handle) 2.5″ Brushes Standard (63mm filament, 16mm handle) 2.5″ Brushes Angled (63mm filament, 16mm handle) 3″ Brushes Standard…PRODUCT INFORMATION


Hopper gun

Square Hopper Gun Square hopper gun used in the application of Decorative Concrete, come with 3mm, 6mm and 9mm tip sizes.