Perth Concrete Resurfacing Supplies
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Drill Bits

Smith & Arrow Drill Bits HSS Twist Drills – M35 10mm amber HSS Twist Drills – M35 12mm amber HSS Double Ended Drill bit set 20 pcs – M35 Set #30 HSS Twist Drills – M2 10mm Bright finish HSS Twist Drills – M2…PRODUCT INFORMATION


Filament Tape Range of widths available. 6mm filament 9mm filament 12mm filament Masking Tape Masking Blue Ezy Premium Auto Masking Tape – High Temp 24mm G80 48mm G80


Paint Brushes

2″ Brushes Standard (50mm filament, 16mm handle) 2″ Brushes Angled (50mm filament, 16mm handle) 2.5″ Brushes Standard (63mm filament, 16mm handle) 2.5″ Brushes Angled (63mm filament, 16mm handle) 3″ Brushes Standard…PRODUCT INFORMATION


Hopper gun

Square Hopper Gun Square hopper gun used in the application of Decorative Concrete, come with 3mm, 6mm and 9mm tip sizes.