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Concrete Densifier

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Concrete densifier is a chemical hardener which are applied to concrete floors and substrates. They are designed to help decrease cleaning and help make the surface less penetrable to undesirable fluids. Concrete densifier is typically used during the concrete polishing process to increase the surface hardness.

Different Types of Concrete Densifier

There are three different types used Potassium, Sodium & Lithium which all contain silicates. Each has a different size molecule and hold different amount of silicates. It is the silicates that form the reaction in the concrete the Potassium, Sodium & Lithium are just used to transport the silicates into the concrete.

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Why Use Chemi-Hardener? Chemi-Hardener is a profound penetrating silicate fluid hardener, for dust-proofing powdered or friable cement and masonry surfaces. This product solidifies and dust proofs new or old concrete, floors, walls, concrete…PRODUCT INFORMATION


E-Seal Potassium Densifier

What is E-Seal Potassium Densifier? E-SEAL is a powerful exclusive catalyzed potassium siliconate solution that permanently combines inside permeable substrates of concrete, brick, stone, and mortar to altogether build surface quality, battle…PRODUCT INFORMATION

Noroo Densil CDA300(LI) Lithium Desnifier

What is Noroo Densil CDA300(LI)? Noroo Densil CDA300(LI) is a VOC-free lithium silicate densifier, intended to treat solid dividers and floors to expand the life of the cement and diminish ongoing floor support costs. Noroo Densil CDA300(LI) is…PRODUCT INFORMATION