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Noroo Densil CDA300(LI) Lithium Desnifier

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What is Noroo Densil CDA300(LI)?

Noroo Densil CDA300(LI) is a VOC-free lithium silicate densifier, intended to treat solid dividers and floors to expand the life of the cement and diminish ongoing floor support costs. Noroo Densil CDA300(LI) is typically utilized amid the grinding and polishing method of design cement to create terrazzo-like floor completion. The utilization of Noroo Densil CDA300(LI) will significantly build abrasion resistance areas, surface compressive quality and help decrease any dusting.


Noroo Densil CDA300(LI) Advantages

  • Penetrates deep into the concrete
  • Extends the life of weak or problematic concrete surfaces
  • Hardens the concrete surface, minimalising the effects of wear and abrasion
  • Reacts better with Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH) in concrete as opposed to Sodium or potassium silicates
  • Cheap solution to prolong concrete life

Package Size

20l Plastic cube

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