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Concrete Resurfacing

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Concrete resurfacing is a great cost effective approach to invigorate an existing concrete space. This space may have become dull, fractured or impaired from years of wear and tear, and with a wide assortment of alternatives accessible, resurfacing may be the perfect answer. It will also add interest and worth to your home or building.

Concrete resurfacing is available in a variety of designs, colours and textures, and is a flexible ground surface alternative to suit any style. Slip-diminishing substances can be added to all resurfacing products to make it a suitable flooring option ideal for all environments. This makes them a safer surface choice than tiles or wooden floors, particularly if you live in a damp area that makes regular flooring slippery.

See our Concrete Resurfacing page for more information on uses.

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Permacolour Flocrete

What is Permacolour Flocrete resurfacing compound? A polymer modified cementitious spray on topping material for renovating existing concrete surfaces. Commonly referred to as “Spray-on” “Spray-Pave” or “Concrete…PRODUCT INFORMATION


Concrete Resurfacing Accelerator

Why use an Overcrete accelerator? When using the Overcrete Resurfacing System in cold or nigh time conditions the dry time may be prolonged. You may be required to add Overcrete Accelerator to your mixture to improve the dry time.  


Cement Activator

Why use cement activator Overcrete Cement Activator is an Acrylic Polymer which is perfect for preparing concrete before applying Overcrete Resurfacing Compound and is a critical compenent in our Overcrete Resurfacing System. This can also be…PRODUCT INFORMATION


Colour Powder Tint

What are powder tints? Powder Colour Tints are produced using 100% superior iron oxide, chrome oxide and titanium dioxide pigments. All of the powder tints are light quick which means they won’t diminish from exposure to ultraviolet rays.…PRODUCT INFORMATION

overcrete resurfacing compound

Overcrete Resurfacing Compound

What is Overcrete resurfacing compound? Overcrete Resurfacing Compound is a dry powder element of a 3 part system particularly intended to restore existing concrete. It is a non coloured powder which is blended with Overcrete Cement Activator…PRODUCT INFORMATION