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Cement Activator

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Why use cement activator

Overcrete Cement Activator is an Acrylic Polymer which is perfect for preparing concrete before applying Overcrete Resurfacing Compound and is a critical compenent in our Overcrete Resurfacing System. This can also be utilized as an added substance for mortar, render and concrete to increase strength and bond.

When to use cement activator

Cement Activator is used first as a groundwork for the Overcrete Resurfacing System to help expand the curing quality by decreasing the amount of water lost through the concrete substrate. The Cement Activator is then used as a key ingredient in the Overcete Resurfacing system with up to 3 litres being added to every bag of Overcrete Resurfacing Compound to act as a binder.


Technical Information

Material Safety Data Sheet – Cement Activator

Technical Data and Application Sheet for Overcrete Resurfacing System

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