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Concrete Sealer

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Perth Concrete Resurfacing Supplies has a concrete sealer for your next project. With such an extensive range of concrete sealers it doesn’t matter whether you are going to be sealing your limestone or concrete driveway we will have a suitable concrete sealer to help you get the job done right the first time.

Concrete sealers are a fast and cost-effective way to enhance your project by adding a professional and enduring finish that protects against mould, petrol, and oil.

Use professional sealers to enrich colours, add a high gloss effect, and to include fast dry sealers for those same day contracts. With such a wide assortment of choices accessible for interior and exterior work, you’re certain to find the right concrete sealer for your project.

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Q-Coat Same Day/Primer

Why use Q-Coat Same Day/Primer? Q-Coat Same Day / Primer Sealer is a hard, yet flexible film forming concrete sealer specifically designed as a primer coat and same day sealer / curing compound. Used in conjunction with Q-Coat All Purpose, Hard…PRODUCT INFORMATION

Q-Coat Hard Wearing Gloss Sealer

Why use Q-Coat Hard Wearing Gloss Sealer? Q-Coat Hard Wearing Gloss Sealer is a hard, flexible and petrol resistant film forming concrete sealer. Using the highest quality additives, this sealer gives excellent resistance to water, alkalis,…PRODUCT INFORMATION

Q-Coat All Purpose Gloss Sealer

Why use Q-Coat All Purpose Gloss Sealer? Q-Coat All Purpose Gloss Sealer is a hard, yet flexible film forming concrete sealer specifically designed for all concrete applications, with a high gloss finish. Features Hard wearing Excellent resistance…PRODUCT INFORMATION


Revive 476S Solvent

What is Revive 476 Solvent? Revive 476 Sealer is a unique sealer made for resealing previously sealed surfaces which used solvent acrylic compounds. It can be used on surfaces that are in mostly good condition with no sealer delamination (eg.…PRODUCT INFORMATION


Revive 476 Primer

What is Revive 476 Primer? Used in conjunction with the Revive 476 sealer as a primer to help in the bonding process. When to use Revive 476 Primer? Use prior to application of 476 sealer if required. Technical Information Revive 476 Sealer and…PRODUCT INFORMATION


Norfolk Premium Resin

What is Norfolk Premium Resin? Norfolk Premium Resin is a high solids solvent based acrylic resin which delivers slip resistance and is used as a binding resin for decorative pebble coatings. Where is Norfolk Premium Resin used? The Norfolk…PRODUCT INFORMATION

Q-Coat Water Based Sealer

Q-Coat Water Based Sealer

Why use Q-Coat Water Based Sealer Q-Coat Water Sealer is a water based sealer for concrete and cement coatings, with a mix of self cross connecting polymers. This is a high performance, low sheen product that is quick drying with a powerful bond…PRODUCT INFORMATION


SV13 Sandstone Sealer

What is SV13 Sandstone sealer? SV13 Sandtone Sealer is intended to enhance the colour of sandstone, rock, solid pavers or slate. SV13 has outstanding resilience and aides safeguard against mould, water, dirt and oil. Contains a UV Absorber which…PRODUCT INFORMATION