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SV21 Same Day Concrete Sealer

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Why use SV21 Same Day Concrete Sealer?

SV21 Premium Same Day Concrete Sealer has been formulated as a same day sealer for both interior and exterior concrete and masonry surfaces, which includes OverCrete, stamped concrete, spray on stencil, exposed aggregate and other cement surfaces.

Where to use SV21 Same Day Concrete Sealer?

Stencil concrete sealer, stamped concrete sealer, and trowel or broom finished concrete. It can also be used on Overcrete Resurfacing System or similar spray-on coatings in cooler months where the temperature is 5 degrees celsius or lower.

Package Size

5 Litre metal drum
10 Litre metal drum
20 Litre metal drum
200 Litre  drum

Technical Information

SV21 Same Day Sealer – Technical Data and Application Sheet

SV21 Same Day Sealer – Material Safety Data Sheet

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