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Epoxy Resin

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What are Epoxy Resins?

Epoxy resins are applied to flake flooring, decorative metallic surfaces, slip resistant areas, cool room floors, workshop areas, kitchens and many others.

Epoxy resin is a thermo-setting plastic, which is poured over your surfaces to shield against environmental effects and day to day wear and tear. Use this product to protect against stains and imperfections both at home or your business and see the dazzling shine it leaves on your ground surfaces. And because Epoxy resin coatings use less water and pesticides than other surface sealers, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly ways to protect your flooring.

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DNY-200(E) High Solids Primer

What is DNY-200(E) DNY-200(E) is a two-part high solids epoxy primer & universal resin. It is suitable as a floor under­coat for either Cleanpoxy 3100 or DHDC 6400. Why use DNY-200(E)? DNY-200(E) with its high solid content has multiple uses…PRODUCT INFORMATION

Metallic Epoxy Shimmer Tint

What are Shimmer tints? Shimmer Tints are a special type of pigment that when mixed in with epoxy kits create a pearlescent looking floor effect, often referred as metallic epoxy the finish created is a certainly a great looking, eye catching effect for any indoor concrete surface. Where to use Shimmer Tints ? Shimmer Tints [...]PRODUCT INFORMATION
Yegreena Colour Floor Primer

Yegreena Color Floor Primer

What is Yegreena Colour Floor Primer Yegreena Colour Floor Top Coat is a clear 100% solids epoxy resin designed to be a primer coat for metallic pearl pigment epoxy floor to be then topped of with Yegreena Colour Floor Top Coat. Why use Yegreena…PRODUCT INFORMATION

Yegreena Metallic Colour Floor Top Coat

Yegreena Color Floor Top Coat

What is Yegreena Colour Floor Top Coat Yegreena Colour Floor Top Coat is a clear 100% solids epoxy resin designed to be mixed with a metallic pearl pigment to go over Yegreena Floor Colour Primer or any surface where a clear or metallic pearl…PRODUCT INFORMATION

Noroo DHDC 6400 Epoxy

DHDC 6400

What is DHDC 6400 DHDC 6400 is a 100% solids  2-pack Epoxy product, ideal as a top coat finish. Why use DHDC 6400? DHDC 6400 is a non-solvent-based epoxy paint based on the epoxy-modified amine resin,which can form a strong dry film. It has…PRODUCT INFORMATION

Noroo DNY 200 Epoxy Primer

DNY-200 Primer

What is DNY-200 DNY-200 is a primer epoxy designed to be a primer base coat for either the Cleanpoxy 3100 or DHDC 6400. Why use DNY-200? DNY-200 is especially suitable for concrete because of its excellent adhesion properties . In particular, it…PRODUCT INFORMATION

Noroo Cleanpoxy 3100

Cleanpoxy 3100

What is Cleanpoxy 3100  Cleanpoxy 3100 is a solvent based 2-pack Epoxy product, ideal as a top coat finish with improved internal UV resistance. Why use Cleanpoxy 3100? Cleanpoxy 3100 is a light industrial epoxy option, designed to be used with …PRODUCT INFORMATION

SV115 Industrial Epoxy

What is SV115 Industrial Epoxy  SV115 is a top coat finish designed to be used over the top of Sv110 Industrial Epoxy Primer. It is a part A&B system with an optional pipeline grey coloured tint. Why use SV115 Industrial Epoxy? Sv115 is part…PRODUCT INFORMATION

SV110 Industrial Epoxy Primer

What is SV110 Industrial Epoxy Primer SV110 is a primer coat that is designed to be used as a primer coat for large surface areas such as a warehouse. It can be coated over with SV115 Industrial epoxy or a polyurethane such as SV40 or SV45 to…PRODUCT INFORMATION


SV50 Water Based Epoxy

What is SV50 Water Based Epoxy? SV50 Water Based Epoxy is a two part epoxy (Part A – Resin and Part B – Hardener). SV50 Water Based Epoxy is intended for an interior layer for solid walls and floors. We supply an opaque white colour…PRODUCT INFORMATION