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Noroo Cleanpoxy 3100

Cleanpoxy 3100

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What is Cleanpoxy 3100 

Cleanpoxy 3100 is a solvent based 2-pack Epoxy product, ideal as a top coat finish with improved internal UV resistance.

Why use Cleanpoxy 3100?

Cleanpoxy 3100 is a light industrial epoxy option, designed to be used with  a primer coat of DNY-200 epoxy. Best used for light traffic areas, superior dust proofing and as an economical coloured epoxy coating for commercial or residential areas.

Also useful in situations of heavy duty industrial areas where greater UV resistance is required such as near entryways or windows.


  • Comes  pre-tinted white
  • Outstanding water resistance
  • Chemical resistant
  • Cures at low temperatures
  • Higher resistance to UV yellowing (internal use only)
  • Glossy finish
  • Can be textured nonslip
  • Is possible to tint with an Noroo epoxy tint

Available Sizes

16L Kit

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