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Noroo DHDC 6400 Epoxy

DHDC 6400

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What is DHDC 6400

DHDC 6400 is a 100% solids  2-pack Epoxy product, ideal as a top coat finish.

Why use DHDC 6400?

DHDC 6400 is a non-solvent-based epoxy paint based on the epoxy-modified amine resin,which can form a strong dry film. It has excellent adhesion properties, appearance, durability and chemical resistance. Usual coating thickness between 200-500㎛ is possible with one coat, allowing for a smooth film finish.

Commonly used in performance epoxy flooring for warehouse, commercial applications, also ideal for use in a decorative flake coat system for residential or commercial areas.


  • Comes  pre-tinted white
  • Outstanding water resistance
  • Chemical resistant
  • Strong protective film
  • Glossy finish
  • Can be textured nonslip
  • Is possible to tint with an Noroo epoxy tint
  • Airless spraying is possible
  • Overcoat possible within three days without need to “key” surface

Available Sizes

16L Kit

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