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Metallic Epoxy Shimmer Tint

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What are Shimmer tints?

Shimmer Tints are a special type of pigment that when mixed in with epoxy kits create a pearlescent looking floor effect, often referred as metallic epoxy the finish created is a certainly a great looking, eye catching effect for any indoor concrete surface.

Where to use Shimmer Tints ?

Shimmer Tints are designed to be mixed with a clear epoxy kits. For best desired results for a beautiful epoxy floor use a kit of epoxy with one jar of our metallic additives then on top of it use a polyurethanes for beautiful glossy finish. Or you can can do a second mix with a different colour to get a 3d like colour mix effect.

Can also be used in other clear epoxy use cases such as a river table or coating indoor surfaces like a kitchen benchtop


What colours are available ?

We keep in stock a beautiful range of colours.

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