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Yegreena Metallic Colour Floor Top Coat

Yegreena Color Floor Top Coat

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What is Yegreena Colour Floor Top Coat

Yegreena Colour Floor Top Coat is a clear 100% solids epoxy resin designed to be mixed with a metallic pearl pigment to go over Yegreena Floor Colour Primer or any surface where a clear or metallic pearl epoxy coat is desired.

Why use Yegreena Colour Floor Top Coat?

Yegreena Colour Floor Top Coat is a non-solvent based transparent product based on epoxy resin and modified  amine with metallic pearls pigments added. It dries fast with its excellent properties of hardness, adhesion, durability, chemical resistance and dust proofness. The product forms smooth and beautiful appearance after application. And its metallic pearls pigments maximize the interior decoration effect.

Can be used in for decorative projects such as river tables, concrete bench tops or other internal decorative coatings


  • Range of 15+ coloured metallic pearl pigment tints available
  • Clear epoxy
  • A unique look when mixed with metallic pearl pigment
  • Glossy finish
  • Can be textured nonslip

Available Sizes

13.5KG Kit

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