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Misc Liquids

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We stock and supply a large range of cleaners, solvents, stain removers and many other products to aid in the preparation, application and cleanup of all aspects of your job.

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Q-Coat Acrylic Bonding Agent

What is Q-Coat Acrylic Bonding Agent? Q-Coat Acrylic Bonding Agent is used as a concrete additive in many different applications; it increases strength, flexibility and adhesion between concrete substrates and resurfacing coatings.   A common…PRODUCT INFORMATION

Paint and Sealer Stripper

Uses for Paint and Sealer Stripper? Paint & Sealer Stripper is a Methylene Chloride based stripper, this is generally used strip off acrylic based concrete sealers. Package 5 Litre Plastic bottle 20 Litre Plastic cube Technical Information…PRODUCT INFORMATION

HS Solvent

Uses for HS Solvent? HS Solvent is used as a solvent wash before resealing acrylic sealers. It is also added to acrylic concrete sealers to increase the dry time. Package Size 5 Litre closed head drum 20 Litre closed head drum Technical…PRODUCT INFORMATION

General Purpose Solvent

Where to use General Purpose Solvent? General Purpose Solvent is for cleaning up any solvent based product such as sealers and polyurethanes. It is also used as a dilutant for acrylic solvent based sealers. Package Size 5 Litre closed head drum…PRODUCT INFORMATION

General Purpose Cleaner

What is General Purpose Concrete Cleaner? Our General Purpose Concrete cleaner is an industrial strength environmentally safe, biodegradable concrete cleaner. By diluting the concentrate cleaner to the desired strength this product has many uses.…PRODUCT INFORMATION