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Penetrating Sealers

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Penetrating Sealers

These are a specifically designed non-film forming sealer to protect the finish of many surfaces including concrete, sandstone and pavers without changing the visual characteristics of the the surface. This is great for those who want longevity in their product as well as retaining the natural finish through a very cost effective solution. This sealer is non-visible but will create a protective barrier you can trust.

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RP220 Water and Oil Repellant

What is RP220 Water & Oil Repellent?   RP220 is a acrylic fluorinated copolymer which provides excellent durability of the subsurface. It is a transparent, protective barrier against oil and water on porous surfaces such as tile, grout…PRODUCT INFORMATION

RP120 Water Repellent

What is RP120 Water Repellent? RP120 is an excellent water repellent for many absorbent materials due to it’s aqueous consistency. This is suitable to use on substrates such as bricks, sand-lime brick, natural sandstone, clay, aerated…PRODUCT INFORMATION

RP110 Water Repellent

What is RP110 Water Repellent? RP110 Water Repellent high performance water repellent sealer used for penetrating and priming highly alkaline and mineral based substrates. Once applied the product reacts with the moisture or pore water in the…PRODUCT INFORMATION