Perth Concrete Resurfacing Supplies
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Why choose a Polyaspartic?

A Polyspartic is a high performance top coat finish for a concrete surface that is rapid setting, allowing for jobs to be finished on the same day. If you needed to do an epoxy flake floor and wanted it done in one day Polyspartic is a great choice for that, or working in a area that needs as much minimal out of service time as possible.

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Rhino Armafloor 500AU

What is Rhino Armafloor 500AU? Rhino ArmaFloor 500 Polyspartic is a great solution for when you need to apply a top coat concrete surface in a commercial area or need to get a job done in the same day. Features Fast cure allowing rapid turnaround time; under normal conditions, light foot traffic within 3-5 Hours, [...]PRODUCT INFORMATION