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What are Polyeurathanes Used for?

Polyurethanes are an inexpensive, long-lasting, and extremely effective approach to ensure your surfaces are protected and add that extra professional finish to your job. Choose a polyurethane that enhances the colour by delivering a polished wet look to your surface, in addition to adding a defensive and highly durable coating. Polyurethanes are ordinarily applied as a final protective coat on epoxy flooring, especially in commercial spaces. They can also be used on concrete resurfacing projects to increase the life span. These products are ideal for both indoor and outdoors application.

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Anythane Plus Clear

What is Anythane Plus Clear Anythane Plus Clear is a two pack premium top coat based on acrylic urethane resin, and has a firm coating film as well as excellent adhesion, weather resistance, and chemical resistance. It is a premium top coat that…PRODUCT INFORMATION

SV63 FlakeGuard

What is SV63 FlakeGuard? SV 63 FlakeGuard is a two pack system polyurethane that is high solids & high build. Formulated to give the best protective top coat for indoor finishes such as epoxy flake floors. For application guide use SV 40…PRODUCT INFORMATION


SV40 Urethane Acrylic

What is SV40 Urethane Acrylic? SV40 is a high solids, high build Two Pack Polyurethane specially formulated to achieve a smooth, durable surface for concrete and masonry surfaces. This product retains colour and gloss, is abrasion resistant and…PRODUCT INFORMATION


SV45 Polyurethane

What is SV45 Polyurethane? SV45 Polyurethane has a high gloss finish when dry. It cures rapidly and is suitable for use over a range of temperatures and has UV protection included. It is a high performance, moisture curing polyurethane that is…PRODUCT INFORMATION