Pros and Cons of Epoxy Flooring

Pros and Cons of Epoxy Flooring

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It’s hard to find a flooring solution that can protect your floors and stand the test of time. All kinds of flooring have disadvantages, but there is one kind that can fit a variety of needs.

Epoxy flooring has fewer drawbacks than many other options and far more benefits. You do need to weigh both the pros and cons before you commit to the material though.

Pros of Epoxy Floors:


  • Appearance

When you compare epoxy floors to other kinds of flooring for garages, epoxy looks professional and bright. It’s a smooth and even surface. Its durability ensures that you won’t see any chips or cracks in your workspace.

  • Affordability

The cost per square foot of epoxy coating is hard to beat. The application of the coating is simply laid directly over the concrete, making installation prices more affordable. The durability of it also ensures that you won’t have to continually pay for maintenance on the surface.

  • Resistance

Epoxy flooring is extremely resistant to many chemicals and other fluids, including cleansers, transmission fluid, oil, bleach, gasoline, and more. It’s also resistant to heat and water. This makes it appealing for a business that deals with fluids and heat, such as mechanics and welders. It’s also an excellent option for hospitals and clinics as it’s resistant to germs and bacteria.

  • Durability

Epoxy flooring is known for having a long lifespan when it’s properly sealed and maintained. It can last for decades without any signs of wear like peeling or cracking. It’s used to make durable materials like concrete even more durable. If it your flooring does see frequent drops of heavy items then you will see some scuffs in the appearance, but you can easily fix that type of problem.

  • Variety

You can get your epoxy flooring in a variety of colours to make your room uniquely yours. It can be arranged in a multitude of designs and patterns, meaning you can upgrade your plain, boring concrete to reflect the ambiance you want from the room.

  • Safety

Epoxy flooring also adds an element of safety to the room as it enhances the visibility inside the space by reflecting light off of the shiny coating.

Cons of Epoxy Floors:


  • Preparation

Getting the existing concrete prepared to be coated with epoxy can be tedious. You have to clean any oil, grease, or other fluid from it as well as fill in any cracks. Cleaning could take multiple attempts, but this can all be easily done with the help of professionals.

  • Smell

When the epoxy is applied and still wet, it has a strong odour. Dark colours have more hardeners in them as well, so they tend to smell like ammonia after they’re applied.

When you’re deciding whether or not to go with epoxy flooring, you have to weigh the pros and cons. To find out if your floor is prepared to have an epoxy coating, you’ll want to contact a professional, like us, to do an analysis.


For those interested in an epoxy flooring in Perth, contact us today!

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