Top Perth Concrete Trends in 2018

Top Perth Concrete Trends in 2018

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Home and commercial property owners alike tend to find value, or otherwise enjoy, keeping up with all the latest home design trends that are turning heads.

In 2018, concrete is experiencing its own time in the spotlight as the central material in several hot trends of the year. While concrete has commonly been used in industrial spaces, many more property owners are starting to learn how it can be used to enhance both interior and exterior spaces to add warmth and decorative flourish.

Check out what is trending in all things concrete throughout Australia in 2018.

Floating Concrete Steps

Undoubtedly serving as one of the most creative ideas for utilising this sturdy material on a property, the installation of floating concrete steps is a perfect complement to modern, elegant aesthetics.

Commonly installed in garden areas or even indoors, the geometric steps can be polished, stencilled, or installed to lead upwards in straight or circular shapes. These steps are also relatively easy for professionals to install, whether it be in home or business spaces, and they are ultra-durable.

Polished Concrete

Out with the old, in the with the new! Polished concrete exudes a timeless look that is able to complement minimalist designs as well as add a warmth to interior spaces due to its reflective ability.

Although the trend has been steadily growing in popularity in recent years, it has become an undeniable standout trend in 2018 to add decorative flair to retail, hospitality, and residential properties.

Concrete Stencilling

Adding a stencil to concrete surfaces can add dimension and intrigue to your driveway, backyard, or interior.

There are several stencil patterns that are receiving buzz from design experts, which gives you an opportunity to break the cookie-cutter mould in a way that can still seamlessly suit the existing exterior and interior style of your property.

Some of the most popular stencil concrete designs include:

  • Ashslate
  • Herringbone
  • European fan
  • Cobblefan
  • Terracotta-style

Stencils can be especially exquisite as a means of sprucing up your driveways, walkways, front entrance, and pool area.

Acid and Water-Based Stains

More and more property owners are experimenting with ways to use concrete without creating the cold, harsh atmosphere too often associated with the material.

Both acid and water-based stains can help achieve an exquisite appearance to match existing colour schemes on your property. While acid stains are well-suited to match styles featuring more earthy tones, water stains give one the opportunity to opt for more vibrant colours and add an extra pop or ounce of warmth.

Concrete Accents

Pairing concrete accents with warm wooden pieces creates a stylish contrast and is being implemented everywhere in the home, from walls throughout the interior to countertops and vanities.

It is certainly one way to one-up the paint job in your bathroom that may have worked a few years ago but is now losing its lustre.

Keep up with the Latest 2018 Trends

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