Trending Commercial Flooring Ideas

Trending Commercial Flooring Ideas

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Flooring trends in commercial spaces can carry more weight than is often recognised in complementing or improving a property’s overall aesthetic.

This year’s trends and top commercial flooring ideas are making use of a number of both timeless and previously-overlooked materials. In addition, they are bringing back beloved colour schemes that serve the purpose of both an appealing aesthetic as well as functionality; the former of which is very likely to serve as a factor in how your commercial property is perceived by customers, visitors, and investors alike. 

Take a look at what commercial flooring ideas you can implement this year to achieve the outcome of a renovated property that is keeping up with the times.

Pastel Colours for Retail Flooring

Flooring is not often #1 on the list of priorities when restaurants and other retail properties are looking into renovation ideas. The main focus tends to first target fixtures and colour schemes, but top interior design experts will know that quality flooring can be integral to the outcome of a property renovation that will truly shine.

Focusing in on the ways in which flooring can enhance decorative features and stylishly segregate certain areas can also be an economical way to get creative with your renovations.

While different types of commercial properties are seeing different and exciting trends this year, the use of pastel colours for flooring has become increasingly popular in retail spaces. Soft, yet lively, pastel colours as well as some green tones are now being popularly utilised for flooring, as well as walls and other fixtures within the interior.

Wooden Tones

Hardwood has commonly been a favourite among design experts for its elegant and timeless aesthetic, but it is not merely hardwood that is receiving the most attention this year.

Vinyl planks are also trending as a suave flooring solution in both commercial and residential spaces that can mimic the appearance of hardwood with the added benefit of being waterproof.

Natural wooden tones, which are admittedly perhaps the most viable with modern hardwood options, are an excellent way to create an aura of enduring warmth.

Epoxy Flooring

Both metallic and natural epoxy flooring can offer a fantastic visual appeal for commercial spaces. As an alternative to other popular options such as polished concrete and hardwood, epoxy flooring can mimic the appearance of these visually-appealing materials while offering the benefit of being easy to maintain.

In addition, they are known to be highly durable for high-traffic areas, and they can be incorporated with custom logo graphics that will not fade over time.

Natural mica flake epoxy in particular can be a cost-effective way to add the appearance of texture and depth. As the flakes can vary in size as well as in their earthy tones, their attractive variation can create a luxurious, organic look without the high cost.

Keep up with the Latest Trends

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